69. Accordions in HaxeUI


HaxeUI accordion

Accordions are vertical menus that consist of panels which expand on click.

In HaxeUI they are easily created in layout XML. Each child of the accordion is considered a separate panel, which displays all of its content when selected. Only one panel can be selected at a time.

In the next example I'll create an accordion, consisting of 3 panels, where each panel has 3 buttons.

I'll use the XML layout approach to create the accordion, so I suggest you check out the HaxeUI layout tutorial first if you haven't.

Here's the XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<accordion width="150" height="300" id="myAccordion">

	<vbox text="Section 1">

		<button text="Button 1" />

		<button text="Button 2" />

		<button text="Button 3" />


	<vbox text="Section 2">

		<button text="Button 1" />

		<button text="Button 2" />

		<button text="Button 3" />


	<vbox text="Section 3">

		<button text="Button 1" />

		<button text="Button 2" />

		<button text="Button 3" />



The layout is added to the root:

Toolkit.theme = new GradientTheme();


Toolkit.openFullscreen(function(root:Root) {

	var view:IDisplayObject = Toolkit.processXmlResource("layouts/mainLayout.xml");



This will produce an accordion with 3 buttons, labeled "Section 1", "Section 2" and "Section 3" respectively. Clicking one of them opens that panel, showing its contents.

I gave the accordion node an id of "myAccordion", so I can refer to it in code.

You can use this to select and open a panel programmatically. This can be done by selecting one of the buttons in the accordion and dispatching a click event on that button:

var accordion:Accordion = root.findChild("myAccordion", Accordion);

accordion.getButton(1).dispatchEvent(new UIEvent(UIEvent.CLICK));

You can use the selectedIndex property to get the index of the currently selected panel:

trace("Selected index: " + accordion.selectedIndex);